Nissan Day at Supercar Sunday and Introducing the Lucid Air

By: Sara Jean Deegan for The English Car Company
Image Credit: Michael Axon


A varied selection of cars showed on our first warm Supercar Sunday of the year. Friend of Supercar Sunday, Don, brought his immaculate Lotus Elan.


Don taught us how to get into the trunk of a Lotus with a screwdriver. I guess this is how they do it in England.


Interestingly, Don didn’t recognize the King of England’s car. Michael was wearing a bright red Ferrari jacket and t-shirt; Don approached Michael, “What are you driving today?” Of course, he expected the King of England to be driving an English car.


Notably, the Nissan Datsun Pao model is available only in Japan. The model car was shipped to the United States and made a very special appearance at Supercar Sunday.


Check out this cool car.


Speaking of the only car in the U.S., take a look at the new Lucid Air. The Air hit the road in February 2017. According to the site, “the 1,000 horsepower, all-electric powertrain and performance-tuned suspension make the Air a great driver’s car.”


The Lucid Air is sleek, spacious, sublime, and leading a new technological era of the luxury Electric Sudan. Developed for refinement and quality, the Lucid Air is one of the first vehicles to implement noise-cancelling advanced technology to reduce interior sound created by tire/road interaction in an electric vehicle, especially true for certain road conditions.  Lucid sound engineers have developed special aerodynamics and exterior styling to minimize wind noise: “the result is an experience that is effortless, intelligent and personalized.”


The Lucid team recently took the Air for a spin in sub-artic temperatures. By using low friction surfaces such as ice and snow, the Lucid Air performs grueling, cold-driving testing and handles a wide variety of real life driving conditions.


Good friends, a new Electric Sudan, and a rare appearance by the Pao, in conclusion, another special day at Supercar Sunday.






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