Kate Hudson and the C-Type – A day with “Two” stunning beauties

Got a call from Jeff over at Hollywood Picture Cars to get my C-Type down to a Malibu location to appear in a photo shoot with an un-named A-List Celebrity. Imaging the look on my face when Kate Hudson came running down the steps in a bathrobe between takes, “Great looking car Michael – What is it?”

“Jaguar C-type” I replied and give her the history of the car, all the time thinking “Jeff – you are the Man, my day cannot get much better than this”

What a great person Ms Hudson was, down to earth and really interested in the “C-Type”

The venue was just amazing overlooking PCH and the Palicades, the C-Type looked at home on the driveway

After a long day it was time for a couple of evening shots with a little red lighting supplied by one of the assistants crouched down in the footwell of the passenger seat


Many Thanks to Jeff and Hollywood Picture Cars¬†– it was an amazing day.¬†Real interesting to see such professionals at work. The entire team worked together like clockwork to produce some great shots for the shoot. Photos above were taken with my iPhone, clearly I am no professional – the finished magazine cover is below for “The EDIT”




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