A Great British Day was had by all – Tea, Biscuits and Cherry Scones

A big thank you to all who brought their amazing English Automobiles to our little British “Soiree” as well as the American and 2 Itallian automobiles that slipped in under the radar. We had everything from Mini to Jaguar to MG to Triumph to Lotus to Bentley to McLaren and many more adorn our event on what turned out to be a perfect gathering of old and new.




Our Air-conditioned Garage was a great place to cool of with a nice cup of Tea and Cherry Scones topped with Strawberry Jam and Whipped cream hand baked by Becky Thompson with a little mentorship from my daughter from over the pond in the UK

….. And Fiona looked on longingly, but unfortunately the guests finished the Scones in 9 1/2 minutes flat, Sorry Fiona …… next time!

Fireball Tim – we appreciate your support as always and thank you for bringing over the 1938 Ford Deluxe Convertible and yes folks this American Beauty slipped in due to the ……. very close to  “British Racing Green” Paint, it confused security at the entrance.

One of the stars of the event was Daisy’s ’68 XKE 2+2 adorned in Sable, quite a rare jaguar color, Daisy was telling me she bought her new in 1967 after walking to work for 2 years to save for the down payment. As her only car Daisy has driven well over 200,000 miles in this amazing E-Type…… and they both look as good as they did back in ’67.


The other star attraction was Adam Lombards 1953 MG yb, looked like it did the day it came out of the showroom, a fantastic color combination.

Towards the end of the morning Adam shouted a few of us over for a demonstration of the JackAll system, although i have heard about this i had never seen this in action – so this was a treat especially as i am a time served engineer rom the UK.

adam proceeded to insert a jacking arm into the system and sure enough within a minute the MG was elevated off the road allowing him to change a flat tire, ingenious mr Lombard and thank you again for the live demonstration.

Note the Caution Label – “The use of any fluid but the RED JACKALL FLUID cancels the guarantee” – better stock up Adam, its a long way to get the MG back to Cricklewood in London.

………. More event pics

Who let that Itallian bowl of Spaghetti in ………………


Is it a bus, is it a plane ? ………… no its a white London Cab.

And in honor of the Isle of Man TT running last weekend Tim brought in an amazing Triumph

Again – thank you all so much for sharing your wonderful English Heritage with us all, looking forward to seeing you all again next month – Sunday July 1st



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