A Great British Automobile Meet – June 3rd – 9:30am. 28714 Canwood St

Its that time again folks – the first Sunday of the month for our Great British Automobile Meet, a great gathering of English Cars – June 3rd at 09:30am. Last month we had over 45 English Cars attend not including the non English Cars. We had a fantastic gathering of old and new from McLaren’s to E-Types along with families and car enthusiasts alike enjoying the amazing cars. Thank you to ALL who brought their classics to share.
Of course the English Car Collection was open for all to view our cars whilst enjoying the air-conditioned garage with complimentary English Tea and Biscuits.

Our store will be open again with a great selection of Car and British related T-Shirts along with the launch of our AutoBrite range of car care products, designed and produced in the UK these waxes and Detail products were designed for the harsh weather and conditions of our salty roads in the UK. Steve Cooper and Mark Moss the founder of AutoBrite Direct came over this month to deliver the specialist training and product knowledge empowering us to advise and deliver the best advice and product for your needs. Come and take a look at the cars in our collection to see the results.

Looking forward to seeing our regulars as well as many new faces this weekend – all will be greeted with a Great British welcome and a cup of tea…….. and yes there will be complimentary coffee and cold water too.

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