Fireball Tim invites English Car to Jerry Magnuson’s place …… with a high speed surprise

Larry Crane invited the ECC team to a private tour around the Mullin Automotive Museum a week ago, we will write about this in an upcoming blog. During the tour we bumped into longtime friend of ECC Fireball Tim and Ken from Wicked Customs.

“Michael – how the devil are you, i would like to invite you and the team out for a special trip – Jerry Magnuson’s place”.  Being a Lotus fanatic i knew that back in the day Jerry supplied Lotus with superchargers on the Elise models, so this was certainly a bucket list trip thanks to Fireball.

The Magnuson Superchargers also used on many Toyota models are very recognizable by Jerry’s trademark waffle design.


So Thursday morning arrived along Fireball – the dilemma was which car to take? I had the bright idea of taking 2 – but of course we had to put a supercharger spin on the trip to Magnuson.

So the deal was done with Fireball – he agreed to become an English citizen for the day and was to drive the Supercharged British Design Edition Jaguar F-Tpye down and the Supercharged Jaguar XKR-S back. What a pair we looked – the F-Type dressed in Ultra Blue and the XKR-S bathed in French Racing Blue heading down to Oxnard on the 101.




So as for the amazing day i will hand you over to the professional known as Fireball – no point in trying to copy or emulate the master. Click on the link below and enjoy the trip courtesy of Fireball’s Vlog.



Hope you enjoyed the high speed surprise, Maureen Magnuson took us for a surprise visit to see the Speed Demon – “The Fastest Piston Engine, Wheel Driven Car On The Planet”



Thanks again Fireball for inviting ECC on another great school field trip as we say in England, and hope you enjoyed being English for the day.




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  1. Fireball Tim says:

    Pretty sure we’ll need to take the Rocket Car for a spin soon. 😉

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