Enzo Ferrari Birthday Cruise – In at the Petersen ……..was wet but very very busy


Sunday was the Enzo Ferrari Birthday Cruise In at the Petersen Motor Museum, normally rain scares off most Ferrari drivers – being English we are used to a few drops of rain here and there. But to my amazement the event was extremely well attended, the Usual Suspects were there  – Ferrari Don, Steve, Eric (formerly Auto Gallery) Frankie and Amazingly “LENNY” ……….. Yes Lenny in the rain you may well ask! – then it all became clear – He thumbed a lift from our good friend Rezza in his Beautiful Black Ferrari 599.


Click on the 360 below to see a 360 image at the event



Pictures of the event



There was a very special Ferrari on display at the cruise in – Tradition Meets Technology. At the Geneva Auto Show back in 2103, Pininfarina debuted a supercar concept named for the man who led the design house for over 40 years, Sergio Pininfarina. Two years later, six production versions were assembled on Ferrari 458 chassis. All six cars were customized to their owner’s specifications in Ferrari’s “Taylor Made” workshop in Maranello, Italy.



After the event i used my checkered flag membership to invite my “Now Best Friends” Lenny and Rezza into the Petersen Museum for a tour and lunch. Lenny had not been in the Petersen since the remodel and was absolutely amazed at the transformation. The Bruce Meyers Family Gallery was particularly amazing, with some stunning cars on display – the display being titled “Precious Metal” – Click on the image below to find out more

I would recommend a Petersen membership to anyone and they are constantly updating and refreshing the exhibits monthly. Petersen Membership Information



…… and yes Rezza, Lenny and myself were the last to leave.


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