A Busy Sunday for the ’68 E-Type on her inaugural trip for her rebuilt engine

The sun came out on Sunday for Fireball Tim’s Wheels and Waves Event at Malibu Country Mart, thank goodness after all the rain and high winds on Friday and Saturday. I am sure like us, many of you had floods and power outages, even though this “was just another day on the UK” it was really out of the ordinary for those of us who are normally lucky enough to enjoy the great California climate. Below – Out of the Ordinary scenes in Woodland Hills!



On to Wheels and Waves – English Car sponsored the event along with the Automobile Driving Museum, special thanks to Ken at Wicked Customs, the daily driver project team for backing Wheels and Waves and of course Fireball for conceiving and hosting the event.

The ’68 E-Type – Kory over at Village Kar Kar who had been rebuilding the engine over the last couple of months called with a 5 day window to perform the log awaited heart transplant (we threw a rod bearing a year ago on the way to a local event), a week went by, then on Saturday we got the call – She is alive and well, heart beating strongly. During the break in Saturdays rain we got her over to ECC, you know those mechanics are real dirty – so after 5 hours of Buffing she was finally ready to be presented to the world at Wheels and Waves.

With 06:00am start The “68 E and I set off for Wheels and Waves on her inaugural trip thru malibu canyon. What a drive! – she performed flawlessly, the 3 SU Carburetors sucked in that cold morning air and the refurbished 3 speed auto transmission performed amazingly. The ’68 E-Type is definitely performing the way an E-Type was meant to.


After a warm welcome from Ken, Fireball and the Wheels and Waves fraternity we were offered a coveted end spot allowing me room to check for any leaks or squeaks for the maiden voyage.

Surprisingly for an Old English couple we were both in good shape, a few of the rocker cover dome nuts were loose and i needed a restroom break – not bad considering our combined age is over 100.

 Photo courtesy of Malibu Photographer Suzy Demeter.


Fireball had a great turnout with a lot of notable people attending Sundays event – Rather than try and showcase the morning in photographs better to link you to Fireballs Vlog of the event and leave you in the hands of a professional.


Can’t stop now – finally onto SuperCar Sunday – with another fantastic run back thru Malibu Canyon followed by a quick spurt down the 101,  i just made the closing titles at SuperCar Sunday. Yes it was my idea to park the Old English Girl between the 2 red Ferrari’s – “A rose between 2 Thorns”


All in all another great day out with my Old English Girlfriend and now that she has a new heart we should enjoy many more dates, I mean – miles together.

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  1. Fireball Tim says:

    Awesome day, Michael!!!

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