AutoBrite Enrich and Cleanse bring the 1957 Lotus Eleven Paint and Interior alive again

After a week long visit from the AutoBrite Direct UK guys Steve and Mark, we wanted to use the training and expertise we gained from them on some of the cars from The English Car Collection. First off was the 1957 Lotus Eleven, now i drive this a lot thru the canyons every week – many of you will recognize the little number 5 British Racing Green bullet. Massive apologies in advance to anyone that overtook in the Canyons last week, the Super Gloss paintwork from AutoBrite Direct gave me an extra 5mph.

A couple of hours with the Hi Gloss Enrich and the DA21 dual action buffer and she lost a good 40 years – looking like she did back in the day racing at Oulton Park in England.

Smile – you are on camera “Miss Eleven”

Come and see us over at the English Car store and we can show you more great examples of how we use the AutoBrite products on our collection.

The Suede Racing steering wheel in the Lotus has always been an problem to keep clean, i am finding that the “Cleanse” product used once a week is keeping the grime off without discoloring the red Suede.

Many thanks to both you English Bute’s – (Thats English for dear friend – to all in the US) We learned a lot and have put it to good use – (No speeding tickets yet) The Police Officer just looks at me, mouth wide open thinking Crazy Brit.

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